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Monday, June 10, 2013

Free RPG Day: Advice for Temple of the Forbidden God

With Free RPG Day fast approaching, I have a few recommendations for those of you who are planning to GM the adventure - as I will at Gamers' Haven here in Colorado Springs. Check them out, they will have a LOT of events running on the day, including 2 slots of NeoExodus. These guys are really great, and I strongly recommend them!

To make this simpler, I will use a few "sidebars" to give the information and provide you with some insight.

First off, I want to thank my play-testers: Martin Blake, Neale Davidson, Jon Goldstein, Leonard Logan, and D’Anne Nelson. These people provided me with great feedback, and the adventure was made MUCH better because of their comments and thoughts. These guys are not just players, but they are friends and people who I've been gaming with for years (Lenny was one of the first person I made friend with when I first arrive here in Colorado Springs).

NeoExodus Legacies

This adventure is also playable with our organized play campaign: NeoExodus Legacies. Get rewarded for playing NeoExodus and through your actions change the world.

Why? Legacies is our Organized Play campaign where players get to directly impact the storyline. A number of the characters in the adventure (such as Harbinger Wexel) do appear in the campaign. For more information on the campaign, go to the NeoExodus Legacies Website.

Where can I get a reward sheet for the NeoExodus Legacies Campaign? You may find the Legacy Record on that link.

Running on Free RPG Day

During Free RPG Day (or any time-constraint environment), describe the PCs’ journey through the jungle over 10 days. To represent the jungle madness, have the PCs make a DC 11 Will save or take 1d6 points of Wisdom damage before moving on to the next encounter.

Wave the rolls for random encounters, describe how the PCs fight some of the local monsters.

Why? Although fun and very old-school, it does not really add to the plot happening in the adventure.

Random Shots/ Mini-FAQ

Where can I get the pregens? You may download the iconics here

Should I be shouting when speaking in Enuka? Please be mindful of other. Speak loudly and project your voice (think of Billy Mays and other TV salesmen who seems to always be shouting, but are really not). Enuka use simple words and sentences. Oh, and they only use exclamation points for punctuation.

What's the DC to climb the pyramid? Let's call it a 15.

This is WAY too hard! Feel free to swap the location and size of rooms G and H to be nice to your players. But I would not recommend it.

Why are the First Ones so evil? There is a reason everyone rose up against the First Ones. They are NOT nice people.

Where can I get more adventures? There are already a number of them available on our website, with more coming.

Is there a place I can report what my table did? Yes, send an email to What your party did may end up integrated into the storyline for NeoExodus Legacies!

Can I run the full adventure on Free RPG Day? Yes you can, but some of your players may wish to play other events during the day, please "play nice".

How long does the full adventure run for? Depending on the GM's roll, it might take up to 8 hours or so. During the play-test, we got


These images are for your convenience.

Map of Exodus

Harbinger Wexel

Enuka Warrior

Plus you can always ask me: through a comment here, on Facebook, or through email.

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