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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Hordes: Druid gone Wilder or a boozing druid

During last year's Gencon, Privateer Press put out two unique models for our grubby hands. Not being at Gencon - but sending my spies - I was not able to secure directly one of the models. HOWEVER, I went on their website and purchased two. One is a Khador Bombardier and the other is a Circle Wilder. I have yet to assemble and paint up the bombardier...

But I painted the Wilder. This "Druid gone Wilder" mini I plan on using as an unformed character in a coming game. I don't know for what but it'll happen. I just have to need a character. Obviously a drunken human, elf or half-elf... The type of character everyone likes!

I am selling my Circle Oroboros army right on Ebay but I have chosen to hold on to this one, to use either as a prize or an RPG mini. I still have time to decide.


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