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Saturday, June 22, 2013

June Commissions: The Hellknight and the Rhinoman

A while back, my good friend Everett came to me with a miniature he wanted to create stat blocks for. I was intrigued. Between two code builds, I put down a number of stats and came up with a decent creature.

Then my PC force-rebooted itself.

No more stat blocks! So I lost that and I've been too lazy to re-do it since.

Then two weeks ago, he brought me a model to paint. This thing is very big and can be used as an offensive weapon. This creature I base coated black, then did a light gray drybrush. After the dip, I went back and then did a number of dry brushing using gray and white highlights. I rarely do as much drybrushing so it was a fun work.

This other model also painted for Everett. As we walked out of a game day (or was it the NeoExodus homegame? - I can't remember). He handed me one of the Reaper Pathfinder models I like so. These models are usually based on Wayne Reynold's art paint up so easily. I really love that range. Everett doesn't have a firm idea for the character but with a painted model, I feel a Hellknight will make his appearance at a local Pathfinder table...


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