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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

May Commissions! NeoExodus and Pathfider Society

I know it is June now, but I finished these guys last week... so they qualify as "May".

My latest batch of commissions are a diverse group - of minis, for a diverse group - of people.

The first model is a Shoanti warrior - a savage from the wilds of Golarion. He carries the typical Earthshaker and the klar shield/blade. When Jacob-M gave this model to me, he said his characters had tribal tatoos on his body.

The colors I used are very natural, somewhat muted. The white/brown really pops. At first, the jacket had trim that was more leather-colored, but I didn't like the effect. It looked really drad. On a whim - and I insist on the "whim" as in "randomly", I picked up the bright green and touched the jacket. It added a whole new layer of depth to the mini without breaking the harmony of the whole thing.

I did stare at the model for a while, thinking how cool it was before moving on...

The tattoos are always something difficult to make look good. The model had some skin exposed - which helps. So I started working on the right side of the fellow. The blue/white mix that I used really came out nice on that side.

I hate to admit it, but I did begin to worry. I loved the half-covered look and was worried it might become "too blue". So I put it down and I left it there. I didn't go back to it until two or three days later.

Going back to it, the "fear" I felt was replaced with satisfaction. The model really pops. Looks like a barbarian about to beat the snot outta me. I think he looks even more terrifying because of it. Am I developing some type of painter's sixth sense?

*Sings theme to the X-Files*

This second commission is a character I did for myself. This lizardman is likely to serve a number of purposes throughout my GMing career. The model is from L5R if I remember correctly. A simple but nice mini, really.

When I bought this model, I thought it was something a little different and my hope was to use is for a Sasori in NeoExodus. It doesn't look "scorpion-y" enough to really make it work. Never mind, I have plenty of uses for it!

Also for myself another of the Stonehaven Dwarves. This time, it is an undead dwarf weilding two huge hammers. The sculpt is good. I can't wait to spring him onto my players!


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