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Monday, June 17, 2013

Tales from the Auction: The last of the Khador

With the sales I have been doing on EBay, I am proud to show you the last of the Khador I got almost a year ago at Gamers' Haven's Auction. I have a LOT of boxes to ship out today as my former models are on their way to California, Iowa, New York, and Tennessee. Few will remain in Colorado.

The first unit are Winter Guard Riflemen. I painted them to mimic the other Winter Guard unit I did. The two look really cool together as the red really pops and the white highlights really make a nice contrast.

The other unit is a unit of Widowmaker, long-range snipers. I really like the sculpt on that female leader. To break the red, I used some green here and they really contrast nicely with the rest of the army. I know others have used this type of scheme before, but I wanted to use green sparingly to highlight a unit.


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