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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

[Frostgrave/Pathfinder] Four Wizards

Working my way through Reaper Bones II. Here is the first batch of Frosgrave Wizards. Some may be used for Pathfinder as well.

I realize that I paint them quicker than I post them here... so I will try to push more pics per post. And I may even double-post a few days!

The first mini serves as Kitty's apprentice.

This fellow is ActionMan's wizard. He likes the big fire coming out of his hands and thinks he is so cool.

This guy, I initially wondered what I would use it for until I came up with my idea of building a dwarf gang. This guy is now my apprentice. Yes I plan on playing a dwarven necromancer! Otherwise, a pretty crummy sculpt.

This last guy I keep thinking as a magus in Pathfinder more than as a character for Frostgrave. I like the sword.


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