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Monday, December 28, 2015

Doctor Who: Open letter to Steven Moffat

Okay I watched this Christmas' Doctor Who special: The Husbands of River Song.

What a waste of my time.

The whole episode would have been an AWESOME opportunity to have River MEET the Doctor. Not follow his time stream and thus keep the whole "Every time I meet him, I know him more and he knows me less" which was an awesome thing. But now they keep meeting all the time along the same lines.

What a waste.

I fell asleep on it the first time around about a quarter of the way in.

I should have done the same on the second viewing... At least keep some illusion of awesome.

I have been analyzing the episodes of Matt Smith and Peter Capaldi, and I don't recall ANY of these episodes I wanted to see again after an initial viewing. I think I re-watched The Impossible Astronaut episode again at the end of the series... But otherwise.

I have long-since come to the realization that it is time for Steven Moffat to let someone else run the show. This whole season, has been one bore-fest after the other. Shall I mention the Statue of Liberty, to which I was screaming OH! HECK! NO! when it happened.

I seriously find myself bored with the predictability and the lack of wonder. Why is it that when anything by Russel T Davies, the previous show runner comes on, whether is is Christopher Eccleston or David Tennant or Torchwood, that I have no issue re-watching them. I love them. But the Moffat stories I watch once then on a second viewing I go "okay what else is on."

All this build up and the departure of Clara Oswald: rubbish. "Me" storyline: rubbish.

I am definitely can't wait for a change of the guard and for someone to really invigorate the show and change the style of its stories.

Please Stephen Moffat, LEAVE THE SHOW and focus on Sherlock!





  1. Mostly agree. I rather like Mr Capaldi, but the last two seasons of Who have been horrible. And please, lose the guitar and sunglasses.

    1. I think he's trying to make another fez, but it just feels forced. Almost feels like Poochie... But Poochie is the main character... ;)

    2. While I entirely agree with you on Moffat (he needs to go), I actually rather enjoyed the Christmas special. It was light, fast paced and fun, pretty much what I want out of a Christmas special.

      I like Capaldi as the Doctor but I hate almost all the scripts he has been given. It is quite annoying.