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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

An Entire African Village

Ever since I got into wargaming, circa Y2k, I have collected colonial miniatures. This has led me to research a lot about the 19th century, an era I know little about. Wow is that an exciting time: the rise of science and industrial revolution. But also the conquest of the world-spanning empires, the Great Game, and so many colorful troops to paint and collect.

I still have quite a collection of African warriors: from the Masai to the Congo, these guys are super versatile as minis go. You can use them from the Age of ancients all the way to Pulp adventures in the 20th century! Not only that, but they are really easy and quick to paint!

One thing I found with black skin is that it is easy to paint, they do require a touch of care to make them "look right". And I think they came out right. This set is composed of women and children. Perfect to represent villagers, objectives, prisoners, or slaves. Again, very versatile models...

(Click on the picture to see larger version)

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  1. Back in the 90's I acquired a Necromunda gang called the Ratskins. I found painting them like Africans was much easier than any other skin tones because I could always just add more paint to the portion I had already mixed and if the next miniature came out a little darker or a little lighter than the last it didn't just look OK it actually enhanced the flavor of the whole group. My gang of Ratskins all had different complexions but all looked authentic. Shortly there after I tried to paint up some Dwarven warriors with traditionally Norse flesh tones. I managed to create a white tinging towards light pink. Painting Norse people is hard!