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Monday, December 7, 2015

Writing Funk

It seems strange to say but following the release of the Tyrants of Saggakar Player's Guide, I find myself in something of a rut. I have a number of things in the works. But I don't really wanna work on any of them. Not because I don't like the ideas.

If at least that was it.

I must be in something of a post-partum funk. When I start working on something, I only think of other product. Then when I change, I draw a blank.

The good news is that I have a lot of things started: adventures, encounters, locations and notes on npcs. But noting I can get through or make great progress on.

I looked over a few old adventures I wrote back in the day and thought I found the perfect remedy. So I wrote an adventure background and got through the introduction and the employment meeting in a flash. I thought finally I'm done with this funk.

Then nothing.

Empty paragraph.

So I contacted the Arcanis folks to see if they had a half plot they wanted to develop. Within an hour, I had an interesting idea before me and I began to put notes and encounters to an investigation. I thought it was it.

But after this initial burst, I looked at the notes for where I wanted it to go and said "Wow that sucks!" It simply had no pop. It was bland and flavorless. Players would only go from one encounter to the next without any real excitement.


So I picked up an old work trying to shake the old brain. A Gostor product I have playing with for the longest time. Did some editing and reformatting. But it again as you guessed it. Nothing to add.

I did some uninspired painting. Five Horses trolls, a carnivean, fifteen ElDorado musketeers, and prepared more Frostgrave minis.

A lot of partial work but nothing to get me excited...

Perhaps work on the Pony adventure I promised myself I would do? Nah I don't really want to do that.

I tried reading some random RPG product: I looked at the rules for 5e again. Not really finding anything there to tickle my fancy. No real gems.

I played hockey and drew with ActionMan to try and come up with alternative

Randy's questions and inquiries about our next work together seemed to be the only thing that has any traction. But Randy is really the one doing most of the work there, I backseat drive and provide guidance.

That's a good things but I can't say I am the one doing it.

I think it may have to do with a project that was a true pace changer for me that fell through (my partner went with another writer). No harm done, but still sad and a big bummer.

So I guess I could write a long blog post that details all of it. One that would cover like a million things I have not been finishing.

Maybe it will shake this funk off.


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