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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Unboxing a great mystery

So when I got home, I had nothing waiting for me. I was really sad. However, some time during the evening, it magically appeared!

I ran around trying to catch my breath going "ItshereItshereItshereItshereItshereItshereItshereItshere" to the point where my wife told me to calm down and show her what I had. So I ran for the camera and did an unveiling of the content of this mysterious a O-SO-Exciting package.

So I put the box down and cut the tape around it. You'll have to trust me that I did it.

Opening the flaps revealed some packaging paper. The mystery is killing me. So I threw the wrappings over my head to get down to the good stuff inside.

Surprise! Looking up to me was the object of the mystery and the source of my excitement. The tiny Otallya was there!

There they are! Five of the limited edition 2015 Tyrants of Saggakar Player's Guides! I have them!

So those of you who wanted copies of this limited edition cover get a hold of me and I'll hook you up. I have some of the "regular edition" coming too.


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