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Thursday, December 24, 2015

Dear old girlfriend: Glad you are back with me

For the past few days, I have been finding Inspiration very hard to come by. What I put on the page just felt flat. Uninspired, if you will. However, I put some time into the adventure I am working on. Little by little, it took shape, out of a number of disparate elements. A combat here, an interesting encounter there, a map here, all coming together as the ending took shape.

On a related topic, I have been reading a lot of blogs from other writers (shout out to Colleen-S) and their tricks to beat their own writer's blues and how they keep engaged with their work. I knew I would get out of it, but that didn't really help.

Still, perseverance pays off and I hope to roll out a few new adventures in January. This time, something less political and more outdoorsy. The wip title is Sailing Down the Kiflan. It is an indirect sequel to ToS1-00 Out of the Mists. A few fan-favorite make a return appearance...

Not only that, but I have a number of ideas to publish some Savage Worlds products, an Arcanis adventure AND some Mutants and Mastermind (superhero). This funk may yield a lot of different things.

Here is a temporary blurb:

Winter is coming and one ambitious hajit captain seeks to make one last run before the river ices up. What can go wrong when all you will do is sail down the Kiflan River?

An adventure written for APLs 3, 5 and 7 (character levels 3-8).


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