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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

When the funk turns to FUNK!!!

So I mentioned in my funk-filled message that a project I was hoping would kick off fell through. Well that is still the case. However because of it, I spoke with the folks from Arcanis: Henry and Cody about the situation and enquired about whether they had any ideas or half-plots they would like to see developed.

Remember, I was in a rut and inspiration didn't really come.

So within an hour or so, Cody sent me something he had in his bag of tricks (for those wanting to write, I do have a number of these plots in my own bag). I looked at what he sent and thought I could do something. I was immediately grabbed by a few ideas and encounters. So I wrote an outline, filled with the ideas I could muster.

However, once the initial burst was done: puff. Nothing. Zip. Empty.

To make things worse, as I looked over what I had, I thought it was flat. I mean it wasn't bad, but the adventure lacked a twist or a shot of zaz. It didn't stand out from other stuff enough.

I asked Cody for some ideas and he sent me a few things that allowed me to get over the hump.

So tonight, I sent in my adventure proposal to Henry. Let's see what he says and whether I will write something for them.

So I'm feeling pretty good and pretty happy about this latest development. I'll let you know what happens


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