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Friday, December 11, 2015

Friday of the Dead: Ghosts and Zombies

Today, more ghoulish things to threaten people with. Very versatile model indeed. Most of them have interesting tidbits

This guy I received at PaizoCon one or two years ago for participating in Reaper's on-site painting event. After looking at what they had for a few moments, I knew I could not paint it there. Painter's habit I guess.

This second model is for some undersea creature. Now I will say I have no use for those, so I decided to paint it as a ghost. It works, I think.

Finally this zombie mob comes all the way from Colorado. Jeff-E sent me his unusued minis, which I thought was going to be one or two, but no, it was about as much I started with! Zombies are always cool, so they got painted real quick, ready to threaten everybody! Thanks Jeff! More are coming.


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