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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

[Frostgrave] Three Thieves

More Reaper Goodies... This time three thieves.

The first one is a sneaky git. The sculpt is good, but the casting is not. His face did not come out right. But the rest of him is good. I am quite fond of the "Come 'ere" pose with a knife in hand. Very good for a Frostgrave thief!

This second one is one of the most dynamic characters I had to paint. Again, a Frostgrave thief. I really like the flowing cloak on this one. I gave him a really light-skin because I plan to use him as a Kaliban rogue. The cloak was made so he could double-serve as a ranger.

This third fellow is a half-orc thug. Definitely someone I would not want to meet in an alley.


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