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Friday, December 25, 2015

What Daddy gave his kids for Xmas

For a while now, I had those little guys painted up and ready for the kiddos. These minis I got as part of the Kickstarter by Impact Miniatures. As I have many others to post, and I will provide a more detailed review of these models. Today is a day of celebrations.

ActionMan got the pirate. As he is painted in a more boy-ish tones. Plus he's a pirate so what's not to like?

Jojo got Twilight Sparkles, the nerdy one (but don't tell her).

Finally, Kitty got Rainbow Dash (after finishing my paint job, I realize she was a pegasus... So I angst over it, but eventually decide not to worry and give her the mini).

All three were really excited about these models. So Daddy win! Now to get them to play Ponyfinder.

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