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Monday, August 17, 2015

Heroclix Family Battle Royale Battle Report

This weekend, I pulled out a number of Heroclix to play with the kids. Batman, Superman, Supergirl, Robin, Batgirl, all came out to duke it out in the street of Clixville. We did not use the extended rules and kept the game to its basic form, and allowed the kids to play, using the game's simple math.

ActionMan in particular got into the idea of fighting with superheroes. Kitty didn't mind it, but she liked most of all that I could give her a couple of gorillas and she did not like us hitting them. Jojo played a little then got bored and left the game after a warm-up.

The girls had:
- Batgirl (Kitty)
- Bat swarm (Kitty)
- Batwing (JH)
- Gorilla City Soldier (Kitty)
- Gorilla Grod (Kitty)
- Parasite (JH)

ActionMan and I had:
- Batman (JP)
- Catwoman (JP)
- Damien Wayne (ActionMan)
- Gangbuster (ActionMan)
- Grider (ActionMan)
- Harley Quinn (JP)

The game ended up as a victory for the boys as we beat down the girl's team. In the end, I had only Catwoman while ActionMan still had everyone of his team on the board. We made a few mistakes on the rules, but we'll correct it next time around.

We will repeat the game in the future. I really enjoyed myself.

And my wife enjoyed the idea of punching me in the face a little too much...


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