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Monday, August 24, 2015

[Contest] Name that Wizard!

I seek to create a short background (no more than 100 words) for a group of up to three great wizards of Saggakar. Their exact class is not important. What I am looking for is a short bio that tells me what type of magic he would be interested in. I am looking for the elevator pitch for Rary, for Mordenkainen, for Elminster.

How to participate

Send your entry to before the closing of the contest, September 6th 2015 at midnight, central time (GMT-5).

The Prize(s)

The three winning wizards will have spells named after them in the Tyrant of Saggakar player's guide, receive contributor credit, AND be the envy of the gaming world forever!

For example: Yorix was a First One completely absorbed in his quest to find a way to travel through the Mists without losing his mind. His career ended abruptly as he and the island he lived on vanished in the Mists.



  1. Nifty contest. I will try and get something to you soon.

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  3. Known by locals as Demonscream, said only in hushed tones. Albrecht Vorthune is a sorcerer obsessed with the line between life and death hoping to understand and master control of both states.

  4. Locals Call her "The Transmuter of Weapons." Vlistra Zarmon is a transmuter obsessed with improving weapons by adding other weapons to make the overall weapon deadlier than the two weapons alone. She thinks of herself as a visionary others think of her as off her rocker.