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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

GenCon Recap Part 2: Friday-Sunday


Again up and out early.

My first table of the day, Wilderness of the Mind would have three friends playing (I had to turn Tingle away). The darkening of the adventure really added a whole other dimension to it, giving it a completely different spin which I really liked. Next table was again "In the ArchDespot's Service", an adventure where everyone begins as friends until the first private note is passed around the table. Great table.

The Friday night's special went okay, but the players did not really get that this was part of an ongoing campaign. They could not get the hint that "the Mists are bad" and "other people here are just like you". They went on "let's wait for other adventurers to loot everything and murder them."

Only one of the guys said "Nope, I'm running" and he ran. I was very nice but should've killed them all (except that one guy).

The day over, it was time for some food, then sleep.


On Saturday, I only had one game to run. I ran a table of "Out of the Mists" and it was fun and dynamic. Then again having children at the table will usually do that.

Now this is where my Gencon becomes a little strange. I thought I had a ticket to the finale of Heroes of Rokugan, but it was the after-finale LARP... *Sigh* I'm not big into those. Especially if I am not to dress accordingly.

So the next slot, I sat at WitchHunter. FINALLY. However just as we were about to start, the last two players show up. GAH! Table of seven! So I skipped it in favor of playing the newest Arcanis adventure. The worse thing about it: those two players up and left shortly after characters were handed out. I could've played! GAH!


I got play some Arcanis, which is always fun. I enjoyed my time, though I will send a few personal notes to the campaign staff. No, no, don't freak out, its not a rant, more a few comments regarding secret societies.

For the evening slot, I again had to drop out of seven-player tables of WitchHunter, so I replayed the same adventure (at that time it was too late to do anything else). Had a blast playing my joyful necromancer seeking to open convenience temples everywhere!

Then some food and more of Jared's snoring.


Ahhh Sunday. The final day of the con. I woke up and packed my luggage ready to head on home. I wasn't feeling overly optimistic about running this morning: I received a text in the morning from 2 players saying they would not be joining.

Nevertheless, I sat down and got ready to GM. Pretty much on the hour, three players came and I ran them through "The Jet Virgin". They really enjoyed the adventure.

Funny anecdote, as we were playing, this lady came and offered us some "terrain". After initially politely refusing, I recanted and said "bring it and I'll see what I can use." I expected a house or two, but it was a huge bag filled with Dwarvenforge terrain! At the end of the game, she was nowhere to be found, leaving me the temporary owner of some 40 pounds of terrain. (If it's yours, let me know).

Then a stop at the dealer hall (again) to pick up a new Warmachine bag and my Gencon '15 dice.

Trip back was smooth, warm, and enjoyable. No stoppage like last year.

Home. Nap. Food. Nap.

Gencon was over. The kids got a few minor goodies (including the terrain pieces) and I got to snore on my own snoozing chair. Life was good.


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