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Monday, August 3, 2015

GenCon Recap: Part 1, Wednesday-Thursday

Gencon is in the books.

Tired sigh.

Another good one, and a most successful one for FOE. I ran all eight of my tables with only a few no-show (I'm looking at you Brandon and Nate), and I had to turn away a few generics, something I don't like doing, but prefer to do and try and provide the best game experience possible.


My Gencon really began Wednesday at 5pm when I left work after a solid week. I expected to bro-out: sandals, shorts and game shirts... More on that later.

Arriving at home, I loaded up the car and my buddy Florent who had been with us for the past week. It would be a fun road trip! My car without AC would mean opened windows in the sweltering Tennessee July. Pleasurable trip landed us in Indy just before midnight (11:53 said the parking stub).

I parked the car said goodbye to Florent and headed to my room where I met with Jared. Clint came in late, kicked me out of bed "dude you're in the other bunk" he said. So I grudgingly moved and had difficulty sleeping due to Jared's strange snoring noises.


Up. Shower. Set up. Coffee.

By the time 8am rolled in, I was ready to go. That nervous energy I mentioned in a previous post. Throughout the day, I got to both play and speak with friends and players throughout the day. I ran "In the ArchDespot's Service" and "The Jet Virgin", but running really well. The day culminated with the running of the special, I was finally going to run the adventure I toiled so much over. It went well, and one of the players finally understood that "Obedience ensures rewards". So much so that he came by later in the con and told the players "Freedom is a lie!". Funny.

Then hot food at Steak-and-Shake then snoring. And by snore, I mean listening to Jared...


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