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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Real-life wall of human skulls

I follow a variety of blogs on a number of topics I like. They include history, archeology, politics, and obviously, gaming. Every once in a while, one of these blogs comes up with something that really, really, gets my creative juices flowing. Quite frankly, had I written this from the depths of my mind, I would have thought of myself as a rather sick individual... However, history has a sick way of providing inspiration.

And the Aztecs deliver every time.

This time, the history blog reported the finding of a wall decorated with human skulls in Mexico! Not only men, but women's and children's as well. Creepy.

But beyond the creepiness of the whole thing, one has to wonder WHY they had done it. With our modern sensibilities, this horrific act would be something that would definitely bring terror. It does terrify me, in fact.

But could the Aztecs see MORE than the terror aspect of a wall of skulls?

Could it serve as a way to present their power? Could it display their wealth? Could it be a way to show the favor of the gods?

I have to assume that the people who passed by this wall every day would either grow accustomed to it or they would ignore it. What went through their minds?

"JP, you are reading way too much into this!" I hear many of you saying - with good reason. Well as I write about Saggakar, where such horrors are fairly commonplace, how the Aztec commoners felt about the wall of skull should guide me in how locals react. Numbess? Avoidance?

Perhaps I am reading too much into this...


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