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Friday, August 28, 2015

Updates: Saggakar, Legacies, Contest, Conventions

Tyrants of Saggakar Player's Guide

In the past week, I have been really putting this book together, trying to get it all wrapped up. I have been working on the index for the past few days, to provide a clear and useful index. Trying to balance quantity and utility.

I am waiting for art from a few sources to complete the book. I expect it to trickle in through mid-September.

One piece I am wondering: Should I add some fiction to the book? I mean as chapter headers and the likes. I don't quite know if it adds anything. I tend not to read them, particularly if they span multiple pages. What about you?

Epilogue For Memories of a Frozen Hell

I have really procrastinated on this one, but I assure you I have it. It provides a lot of information gathered by the players as they investigated Yorix Island in Gencon's "Memories of a Frozen Hell" and the chilling (pun intended) revelations about Yorix and Saggakar therein... I will make it available when I get home tonight.

New Legacies Adventures

I think I can now reveal the next batch of Legacies adventures and their authors. The adventures have gone through one pass of editing and I expect them back for final editing and formatting in the next two weeks or so. I am working on two ones myself. One is a brand new story and the other is a re-hash (and massive re-do) of an old Living Greyhawk adventure I wrote.

One of the things that I like during the creative process is that we often start with an idea and as we write, the idea morphs and the adventure changes from one thing to another. Although the original idea is still valid, the story expands and changes, and what we originally thought was awesome gets bumped out to a later story, with the current one setting up and foreshadowing what we originally planned. It is hard to explain if you have not experienced it for yourself, but I am always excited when it happens.

This is one of the side-benefits of the agile way (I am a programmer and an adept of agile development, a methodology I apply to Saggakar), I am trying to expand and explore Saggakar: define the overall in broad terms, and focus on the specifics only when they are needed. This means that a later, better idea always wins out and makes it to the final product much better because the most exciting, best idea can always overrule what has yet to be written or defined.

This happened to one of the adventures (I'm not saying which, you'll have to wait and see).

The following titles and blurbs are subject to change before they are finally released for public play.

TOS-1-04 House of Mirrors by James McTeague

MURDER! MURDER MOST FOUL! People in glasses houses should not throw stones, but which of the suspects is the guilty one?

An adventure for APLs 3-9 (characters level 3 through 10)

TOS-1-05 Path to Ambition by Randy Price

Pearched in the Markhem Peaks, the city-states of Onero enjoys freedom from the ArchDespotate's harsh laws. However, a rash of recent crimes forces the Lady-Mayor to call on outside help.

An adventure for APLs 7-7 (characters level 6 through 8)

TOS-1-06 And Everything Nice by JP Chapleau

Banditry is too common occurence in the ArchDespotate. The long gauntleted arm of the law is swift, brutal, and merciless. When rumors of sabotage and commercial interference between the great houses may lead to more violence, impartial justice must be dispensed.

An adventure for APLs 3-7 (characters level 3 through 8)

Name that Wizard

Just a quick word about the "Name that Wizard" Contest. I've had quite a few entries so far, and I am very excited about the variety of characters and mini-story coming in. Keep the entries coming!

Upcoming Conventions

I am still working out my upcoming yearly schedule for 2015-2016. There are so many event I want to go, but budgetary reasons. Cons I will attend for sure include: PurpleBunnyCon in Murfreesboro TN, MidSouthCon in Memphis TN, NashCon in Nashville TN, Lexicon in Lexington KY, and GenCon in Indianapolis IN. I don't have a firm plan for any of them yet but it will be posted here.

I have heard some very positive news from Louisville and hope to go back and run some Legacies. That said, I am waiting on some news. I'll work with Chad and Nate (Kentucky's awesome Venture Captain and Lieutenant) to come up with a schedule that suits everyone. I'm debating whether I should "just" have some regular adventures or provide a special with it. I have time to come up with my plan.

Cons I am debating whether to attend (as a GM) include Winter Fantasy in Fort Wayne IN and Origins in Columbus OH. I plan on attending as a player, however.



  1. Pour la fiction, j'aime bien le one pager de fiction au début de chaque chapitre des livres d'Exalted. C'est court, généralement pertinent, et je les lis toujours.

    Tout ce qui dépasse une page va être lu à moitié au mieux.

  2. Pour la fiction, j'aime bien le one pager de fiction au début de chaque chapitre des livres d'Exalted. C'est court, généralement pertinent, et je les lis toujours.

    Tout ce qui dépasse une page va être lu à moitié au mieux.