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Thursday, August 6, 2015

GenCon Recap Part 4: The Social Thing

Everyone who tells you about Gencon will tell you about the games they played. But they will also tell you that beyond the games, Gencon is about people. It is about getting together and sharing a meal, a table, a drink, or a game. It is about reconnecting with old friends. I am no exception: Gencon would not be special among all the cons without gettting to meet people from everywhere that I got to know over the years.

And I am very happy to say that many of you read this blog, play with me, or hate me in secret... We all did some travelling together alone those gaming roads. So many friends, so many more people I'd like to play with or have a quick chat. Talk about the past. Catch up on the present. Plan the future.

I went shopping with Derek-R after playing, and got to say hello to some industry folks, such as Zach from Greenbrier, Henry and the entire PCI team, spoke briefly to Dustin-W about the Cults of Chaos finally put a face to an email (and hopefully vice-versa), exchanged a few words with StephenRM from Paizo, spoke with Phil who attends every con in the book, spoke to Jeremy from Dreamscarred Press.

It was a blur and I reconnected with all the arcaniacs (Clint, Matt, Adam, John-B, Eric, Paul "Hat", to name but a few), the Moonlite guys (Josh-B, Tingle, Brandon (whom I only hugged briefly before we went our own shopping ways), Tingle), Mike-M (@qsotr2) and Kakita Jiro to name but a few.

I happened on Martin-B, my good buddy who now serves as a VL for Colorado. Learned how things were going over there.

I missed a few people I wanted to talk to during the con. Allow me to name a few here: Chad-N and Holly, Robyn-N, Will-J, Bill & Jacque-W, Nate, Kaitlynn-P (@thedicegoddess), and Florent whom I hadn't seen or heard from since Midnight on Thursday (I have heard from him since, don't worry). I went through the PFS room a few times trying to meet people, but the only one I saw was the VC of DC...

If you were there and I didn't see you, then do not dispair. There will be other venues and game tables...


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