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Sunday, August 16, 2015

FOE heading to Aethercon in November

This cranky old gamer has seen a lot of conventions, some good, some bad, some improving, some imploding. However rarely these past few years can I actually say that I have been very impressed with a convention organization. I'm not talking about the "big ones", such as Winter Fantasy, Origins or GenCon... No I am talking about one of the smaller one.

This year, I will try to participate in Aethercon, a convention entirely set on-line. I was able to participate in the last two (was scheduled to run a Legacies adventure this past year, but I was on a plane at the time and couldn't run it). I hoped in on a few games here and there and had an overall good time.

This year, I approached them to serve as a sponsor. I plan on offering a few products from the growing FOE library. I will, of course, use the event to premiere one of the new Legacies adventures. I don't know quite which one yet (my backlog is growing so fast!), but I can only promise that it's going to be fun.

I will be quite honest and thought that I would send an email, wait for a few days or weeks before I got an answer.

Boy was I wrong in my assumption.

Stephen-H got in touch with me very quickly (email and facebook) about supporting the con and talking about it on this blog - something I was going to do anyway. He asked me for banners - sizes I did not yet have so I would have to make them. So I finally made them and sent them to the guys. These banners will part of the blog rotation.

So this is the official announcement that this blog and FOE will be taking part in Aethercon in November!


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