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Friday, August 7, 2015

Four New Adventures released for Pathfinder RPG

FOE is proud to release the four adventures that premiered at Gencon 2015! These adventures are released for home play so anyone can run them for their friend. If you play them before Sept 30th, be sure to contact FOE and let us know what happened during your game!

These adventures were written for the Pathfinder RPG

ToS1-00 Out of the Mists

Out of the Mists was written as a way to get your characters into the Saggakar setting. It is offered as a Pay-what-you-want adventure.

You fall. No. More like flying, yes you are flying. All around you is a pink-colored cloud. Gently, as a feather you are standing on solid ground. Movement. Shapes in the Mists all around you, you are not alone.

An adventure for APLs 3-9.

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ToS1-01 In the ArchDespot's Service

The ArchDespot of Faremh has need of your services to deliver his latest edict. If it were as simple as delivering a letter, why would he need the assistance of a group of adventurers? There are two things that one cannot avoid in life, which of these certainties are you delivering?

An adventure for APLs 3-5.

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ToS1-02 The Jet Virgin

Dynastic ambitions are not only important to the stability of an empire; they also assure that it cannot fall into decadence. The ArchDespot needs to ensure his line, but so does the Despot of Hellsmere. Between them, a bargain was struck, one that could ensure the stability of the ArchDespotate. There is just a small affair of taking the prospective bride on a short pilgrimage.

An adventure for APLs 3-7.

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ToS1-03 Wilderness of the Mind

Spring has finally come to Spiderfen. With spring comes new beginnings, and a lady has need of one such beginning, or does she need resolution? This adventure uses much material from Ultimate Psionics by Dreamscarred Press, its use is recommended.

An adventure for APLs 3-9.

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