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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

[Talking Interactive] Kudos to the Adventurer League

It has been a long time since I posted one of the "Talking Interactive" series. And this time, I am very happy to put out this post as a positive event.

One of the things that really warmed my heart to the Adventure League's battle interactive at Gencon. The ALBI ended as follows: low and mid levels succeeded while the high levels failed, leading to demons still roaming the Underdark.

This meaningful possibility of failure is what makes things fun for me as a player, where *MY* contribution affects tehe setting and the story. How do I know this? Because the results are announced publicly, and immediately at the end of the battle interactive.

This gives a rather agile feel to things. The forces in charge of the AL have now clearly announced the results and will be help to them in upcoming adventures/ interactives. This self-accountability gives the player - one who is not part of the organization - something to say *I* did that. Merely having a conclusion and an epilogue is not sufficient. You must announce and let people know why things happened this way. There must something in play, something to be gained or lost. Some result that can be achieved or failed, something tangible and realistic.

I am not talking about all the players deciding they don't want to participate or turning against the town or anything like that. No. Challenge the players, stimulate their creativity and give yourself some leeway to accomodate that. But also, do not baby them and give them another chance.

So, big kudos to the powers of the AL. My opinionated mind increased your standing by a lot. That is what we want to see more of. That is what so many organized play campaigns have lost. Well done. Well. Well. Done.

I am frankly (re)thinking my involvement with the Adventurer League.

Again, kudos Wizards, kudos DCI, kudos team. I have taken notice.


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