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Thursday, March 22, 2012

NeoExodus: It's finally here! Real Books!

So tonight I came home with dinner. We all sat down to eat and about halfway through the meal when my wife casually mentions "oh yeah, you have boxes at the front door."

I immediately stood up, ran to the door, swung the door open and to my great joy... A box from LPJ Design! Finally, my NeoExodus books had arrived!!! I told the kids to get out of the way (because they too were curious!) Their little faces at the idea of "Daddy's book" was priceless. Knowing what I had, I willed myself to wait until 8pm before opening the box.

So I will do that with you just now! Let us open this massive box of goodies together

The box itself.

The box opened, revealed the packing is revealed

BOOKS! The NeoExodus books! Real books!

The stack of NeoExodus!

A first look inside: prestige classes

More Art

Part 1 of the feats

Part 2 of the feats: two full pages!

If you want one of those bad boys, contact me, I have them for sale for 25$ each (which is like 2$ less than you can buy them for online). Unsurprisingly, these are in EXTREMELY limited numbers and quite a few of them are already assigned to people.

Now I will finally own my own copy of this awesome book.

Don't worry... you can still order them directly from so those are not the only ones out there... Just the only ones I have.

Okay I will leave you now... I have a book I need to hug.




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