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Monday, March 12, 2012

Talking interactive: Arcanis First Battle Interactive

A little Arcanis report for a change!

I made no secret that I really love the Arcanis campaign setting and have had a not-quite-love affair with the Initiative clock. My biggest gripe with it is that I never get to play as every Arcanis event has been during a PFS event or at a time or place where I cannot go. So I kept grumbling in my corner (as if I needed any excuse for more grumbling).

A few weeks back, the Arcanis Colorado Yahoogroup for possible dates for the event. In the end, Ryan Wendling (our local coordinator), set up two separate tables, one on Saturday in north Denver and one on Sunday in South Denver. Better still both me and my good friend Lenny signed up for the same event at Enchanted Grounds!

Lenny, his wife Tena and I carpooled up to EG for the game. My character (Kermina Gallia val'Borda) hasn't gone up a tier (or rank, or whatever it's called, I am still a starter-level character). Not built for combat and heading into a battle interactive... I am a dumb ass!

The table was composed of 4 of us: Gerrard val'Sheem (a bard and his wonderdog), Gustav val'Sheem (a two-weapon fighting punching bag), and Vladimir val'Virdan (a warrior in a big can). Lucky for me the other guys had played more and had a few advances.

I won't spoil you anything by saying this: it was a tough and fun times. Arcanis's minions hit HARD, and though they are easy to kill (if you hit). All of us, at one point of another got down to very few vigor points (especially Lenny and the dog, both of whom gathered a lot of aggro). I spent my time skirting the fights, trying to support "my boys" (I'm playing the granddaughter of my two other Arcanis characters). We had a lot of fun throughout the day.

After one long session of play, I still can't say the system is my favorite, it works well enough. The Arcanis storyline is... well it's the storyline that brings people in. And why you should go and check out Arcanis.


Oh! I know you'll ask, but I STILL haven't gotten a single advance in the campaign yet...

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