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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Hordes: The Legion grows, part 2

This offering features Vayl, the Disciple of Everblight, the second warlock I have for the Legion. I really like her as she is a very spell heavy caster, which is extremely different than the casters I usually run: Lylyth and Gurten. So fun times. The paint job I did had her white. I like how she came out. I went for an effect of light snow on the metal pink areas.

The next three minis are my Nephilims, the first one is a soldier and the other two are protectors. To differentiate them, I converted one to hold his axe above his head. The result is so cool that I like the mini better that the original.

Inevitably, my Legion grows and grows! So quickly in fact that I have run out of models!!! Everything is painted but the two archers I converted into shepherds. Don't worry, I haven't run out of things to paint...


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