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Friday, March 16, 2012

The Legion... ready for action!

As promised... the final model of my Legion of Everblight!

First are my two converted shredders to harriers. The wings would not hold for some reason, but these little buggers seem to be flying.

Next is my new teraph I wanted to have a ranged beast to add some variety to my all-melee monsters. It came out great! I like the sculpt. It's very like the carnivean.

Next my two converted shepherds. They are not the best, but they work. I don't plan to use them too often, so its fine.

Finally, my new Ogrun Warchief to give my warspears some added humph. This bad boy makes my 5-man ogrun squad worth 11 points - as much as a carnivean. Experience shows they were powerful without him. They are are going to be just brutal. I LIKE!



  1. These look great! I think that my Legion army is going to be more blue/green based. Thanks for the inspiration. This is my first army and I was kinda feeling like they had to be what the book showed for colors, but now that I've seen yours, I'm totally picking my own colors! Thanks!

  2. Let me know how yours turn out. (You can find my email easily or just comment on the blog) Never feel like you *have* to paint to the presented colors. Creative or unique schemes is what I love from this hobby (other than the collecting, building, painting, playing :P)