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Monday, March 5, 2012

Hordes: The Legion grows!

Ever since I started painting and collecting Hordes, the forces of the Legion of Everblight have really found a place in my heart. After I won the core of an army at the Gamers' Haven's auction in January, I began to build this army. Painting them is... just awesome, easy and simple to give a unique look.

One unrelated factor why I love the Legion, may have to do with the weirdness and dark themes often found in NeoExodus. I am particularly fond of the Incubi. An Incubus is a draconic shard that lives in a small-based living creature. When the host creature dies, the incubus erupts from the body. Like many creatures in the legion, it's a glass cannon, but a nasty one! Very "Alien"... I love how they came out.

As usual, I am not a fan of the black/white default common scheme that Privateer Press offers us. Add to this that my wife and daughters like my color scheme as they are big fans of purple, pink and green!