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Sunday, March 18, 2012

First Warmachine Tournament: a lesson in humility

Last week, I posted my thoughts about playing in the upcoming Warmachine tournament at Gamers' Haven here in Colorado Springs.

With much anxious energy, I painted up a few models (the ones that appeared in my previous blog). After posting my army, I made some small changes to it caused by my inability to procure a raek, in under 24h.

So I had to change.

I procured an Ogrun Warchief and a teraph instead and decided to "make it work". Main Army
   Vayl, Disciple of Everblight
   Shredder (x2)
   Blighted Nyss Archers (6)
   Blighted Ogrun Warspears (5)
   Spawning Vessel (6)
   The Forsaken
   Blighted Ogrun War Chief
Reinforcements (7 pts)
   Nephilim Soldier

When I came to the first game, I realized I forgot the harrier's card, so I changed it to an additional shredder. It did not matter because the first scenario did not have reinforcements. But still.

Game 1: Rick's Cygnar (Epic Caine)

Dustin arranged the players in groups of Noob (me) and those who are used to the game. By memory Rick had Epic Caine, Arcanist gun mages, two grenadiers, Boomhowler's Mercenaries, Kell Bailoch and the big storm engine. The scenario was control the flag. Well, the short version: he made over seven tough saves (I needed him to fail only one). Then when I could not break his line, and my own troops were failing, at doing anything, I tried other things.

And they also failed.

Through some bad moves, Vayl ended up exposed. She was dead a moment later.

Result: Defeat 0-1 I did not managed to score a single kill point either!

Game 2: Vince's Skorne (Epic Makeda)

This was a kill box scenario. This will be the shortest of the report.

I moved up, forgot to move the carnivean. Vayl in front. Vayl dead. I tried to save myself, but she was dead before I got a second turn. The game took longer to set up than to play. I was pretty bummed out. Again, not a single kill point. I had a SMALL chance to kill his dragoons (which might have given me some respite), but I failed, brought both to 1 damage, but not killing.

Vince is a great player, a good guy and someone who has a lot of game experience. He shared some very good thoughts with me after the game.

Result: Defeat 0-2 Again, not a single kill point!

Game 3: Jon-Eric's Retribution (Ossyan)

Jon-Eric is my good buddy. He and I play frequently together. This was a multiple objective control scenario.

This one started better for me. I was able to hide in the forest and my carnivean survived the assault of his two dragoons (to smash them). Then my ogruns smashed into his two heavy jacks, hurt but failed to kill them. The fight ebbed and flowed, but it was clearly to my advantage. When I kicked Vayl's feat (cat and mouse), I surrounded Ossyan with the Carnivean, a teraph and two ogruns and he gave up.

But really the highlight of the game, for me, was the Forsaken triggering his blight bomb close to his jack that was camping on 8 focus... FORTY EIGHT points of damage. Very, very nice.

Result: Defeat 1-2

Overall and lessons learned

I need to play more to better understand the rules.

Use more dwarves. (Bring them for scenarios without reinforcement).

I'll have to take up Dale on his offer for additional games.

I'll try to attend other events to see if I can get out of the "noob" level.


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