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Thursday, March 1, 2012

NeoExodus at Genghis Con

My plan: get people to try NeoExodus and get some feedback from them.

Part two of my plan involved presenting new adventures (not 100% new, they were offered at NeonCon).

The two adventures were Ruins of Trovaska and Slavers of the Dominion. I'll analyze both separately.

Ruins of Trovaska a sequel to Encounter at Ramat Bridge where the PCs have a chance to discover more secrets behind the events the "Encounter". This is a fun adventure to run and from the feedback, play.

Slavers of the Dominion follows up on the events of The Sashenka Incident and sets the PCs to tackle... You guessed it, slavers. But the best plans of mice and men...

What I take back from running two tables of both of these adventures:

1- People want to play something in another world than Golarion. Golarion is great but having the opportunity to affect the world on a grander scale is something many players want.

2- The mature themes of Slavers resulted in some hilarity. I felt pain more than once. I will be running that one again.

3- I have to run more NeoExodus.

4- One question that I kept getting asked was "Will you do an organized play campaign?" to which I had to say "YES!" However before we can get there, we (LPJ and I) will need additional resources. (wink wink to authors, contact me).

5- All four sessions of NeoExodus were run with full tables (six players), showing me that there is room for other, successful campaign settings using the Pathfinder System.

My own GM scores were 9.944! A near perfect score!

Comes Tacticon, I will have to offer some NeoExodus again (though hopefully, I'll be able to have a second GM to run NE tables). I would really like to have some hard copies of the book next time as well...

Thanks to everyone who played NeoExodus, your thoughts and feedback was heeded and analyzed.


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