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Monday, March 5, 2012

Pathfinder Society at Genghis, Part 4: Final thoughts

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Random Shots

New Society Members Before the con, I printed out 40 new Society numbers. I already had about 20 in my organizer box. Well at the end of the con, I'm down to about 15 numbers. This number of ~45 does not include the numbers some of my GM had in their own kits. In all another good con to initiate new players to Society. My Intro GMs (Josh, Sam & Jess) all got perfect 10s for these tables. Well done guys!

GM Versatility I love to free one of my judge to play for a slot, to complete a table or do something else. But there is little I love more as an organizer when I can turn to one of my guys and say "I know you are scheduled for this adventure, but can you run this one instead?" Though I try to avoid giving the GM a "cold" module, I was able to limit this to one or two over the course of the weekend. I had to do a lot of juggling, with table numbers and all my GMs responded very well and were extremely helpful. A big thank you

I won at painting ! I'm happy to report that Stephen won the Malifaux event at the con, using the minis I painted for him... I was surprised when he reported that there was no score for painting! OH well... I'm not able to claim that he won "just because of me"... That sucks.

Coming Up

After talking about Genghis Con, now is time to talk about what's coming up next.

I've been talking with Jeff Kokx about holding some type of GM boot camp (Jeff has really been spearheading the initiative and I've been tagging along). Just because you made the list doesn't mean there might be some room for improvement, in your style, table-side manner, attitudes, etc. I would love to see all my GMs scoring perfect 10s everywhere. Stay tuned to this blog and to the Rocky Mountain Pathfinder Yahoogroup


In my blogpost from last week, I stated that Pathfinder Society adventures in Absalom were overdone and that the city was overused. It was pointed out to me (by Mike Brock) that Absalom was the site of 28 Society adventures (including the intros, and modules). Which made me realize that this was about 20-25% of everything that's been released for the campaign so far. Why then, do I have this nagging impression that I'm always adventuring in Absalom?

That has to be a future blog post written all over it. I'm gonna obsess over it.


I know I thanked Paizo prior to the con for the swag they graciously sent me. Throughout the con, Scott or myself had novels for people to win, and had a few left at the end, which I passed on liberally. The offering of swag was a good way to mitigate the lack of a chronicle during the interactive.

In closing, let me thank Paizo and Mike Brock for his support of the con, in swag and other ways. In the end, I believe we ended up with a solid, fun con. A big shout-out to my Con-Mistress, Linda Weygant who bravely tolerated my grumbling over everything (she should know me by now). Thanks


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