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Friday, March 9, 2012

Hordes: The Legion Grows Part 3

Yes, yes, I said everything was painted... so how come I have another post full of Legion? Pacing. That's right... Though I have a lot miniatures done, I'm bringing them to you, just a couple at a time... Making sure you can savor each one...

This installment has my five Ogrun Warspears and a unit of blighted Nyss archers.

I really like the ogruns as they are both an offensive and defensive unit. They can hold a flank or move to threaten one. They have always paid for themselves, even in game where I had no idea how to run them. They are great at mopping up or smashing units.

I am not a fan of the archers because they are very weak unless used in large numbers. Maybe I haven't found out how to use them... Other than as a way to feed my spawning...


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