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Friday, March 2, 2012

Commissions: March [Pathfinder RPG]

Last year, my friend and Venture Lieutenant Scott was moving and he found a "few" miniatures he did not want anymore. So he offered them to me. I said "sure", expecting a few random miniatures.

Then he brought me... "The Bowl".

The bowl was big enough to feed my family if it were filled with food. This thing was HUGE and filled with minis. Most of them were Pulp-era miniatures, super heroes, a old plastic historicals, and a number of Victorian minis, including Foundry's Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson! Two minis I've been looking for, for years. This was a true collection of Call of Cthulhu adventures.

I felt very bad about not paying anything for the lot. So I offered Scott to paint minis for him. He gave me the following miniatures: a Frost Giant, a Knight and a Paladin.


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