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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Old Commission

This is a mini I did for my friend Homer sometime in 2009. This is his Pathfinder society character, the pawnbroker (and capitalist venture specialist and cleric of Abadar) Zebulon Byalot. As an added bit of fun, I made a banner for him too!



  1. Yeah, it's great! J.P. surprised me one night when he brought the banner to the game session. He'd already painted the mini for me earlier, so I wasn't expecting anything else. Slaves had just become legal to own with the Adventurer's Armory, so Zebulon purchased a slave to carry it around for him.

    Now days, I just put it out at the beginning of the session to show everyone, then the slave waits somewhere for Zeb while he's adventuring. Zeb is only three modules away from retirement now, so the banner probably won't get much more use unless he can manage to talk his sister and accountant, Tali, into lugging it around for him. Hmm....

  2. Love the banner! I've got that mini too!