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Monday, June 6, 2011

Cramming Four days of work in two nights

This weekend was a big one. Very busy.

Let’s see what I had on my plate. I had a handout to do for NeoExodus at Paizocon. An introduction to NeoExodus I would give to every player before the game, so they could refer to it throughout the adventure. This is one of the biggest inputs I got from my play-testers last Memorial Day.

I was asked by Paizo to help work on something for PaizoCon. Okay, the dumb-ass volunteered! Yep. That assignment is one I am very excited about, and what I came up with should (hopefully provide a nasty surprise to the PCs). Good times.

I wanted to draw an overland map for the adventure. The overall NeoExodus map was not complete enough it is just too… well it’s like looking at a map of the US to find out how to get from Albany, NY to Burlington, VT. It should get you there, but it might cause some trouble.

Those who follow me on twitter (@JPOnGaming) know that I was contacted to help with a new writing project I’m very excited about. The funny thing about this is that it came completely out of the blue. The guys who contacted me are guys I wanted to work with for a very long time. It took me by surprise. I just had to put together some ideas and send them for approval. If you never wrote anything, this approval system is a common step.

Next, I had a few bad guys for the adventure left to do. One of them I had already converted, but had not painted. I converted him using an old plastic D&D monster… I think the result is… I can’t say it’s nice. But it looks… like I wanted it to look. Yeah that’s good. I’ll post a picture after PaizoCon of all of them.

I was hoping to get to play a high-level PFS adventure on Sunday, part 3 of the Everwar series with our wacky happy party.

My wife birthday is next week (she is turning Old - 4), I wanted to take her out to a nice restaurant. Not exactly a romantic night out… Something with the kids.

Finally, I was planning to paint my battle map for Ramat Bridge. I don’t want to leave it with a white sheet, so I have to paint it.

So now comes the weekend

If you have any sort of family, you know that plans *NEVER* go as expected.

First, let me tell you what I was able to complete. My work for Paizo was done (I will want to tweak it some more but will be sending it in this morning). I did come up with a few things to send for approval. I did play the PFS. The wife was treated to a nice dinner. The minis had their first set of color and then magic-dipped. So that’s good.

In all, I really enjoyed my weekend. I was able to play with the kids, host a dinner party for 2 neighborettes (their hubby were not there) and seven kids. Yes, SEVEN KIDS, and the eldest was Josiane who is six years old! The Horde effect was on. Good times still. Also, I had to buy a new laptop for my overlordess who had just broken her previous one.

Also, Louis got in an adventure summary and asked my input on. Good stuff, I am really looking forward to seeing the final version. I think this will greatly add to the NeoExodus "Mythos" I have been meaning to create and expand upon.

What I didn’t get to complete? Pretty much anything I had planned for NeoExodus! And I really needed to complete those. Oh well. I can forego sleep (again)!

Oh! And when the brick comes in… I talked with my contact on Secret Project Y this morning. He green-lighted my entry, but I have a super-tight deadline. So that’s even more stuff to do!

ARGH! And that says nothing about my real work situation, a lot to do there too! Busy busy busy time, which I am not exactly unhappy about. Now to get to do it all.




  1. Your a busy man, but at least after PaizoCon you will have some time to relax.

  2. If I know JP, he'll volunteer for something else and be just as busy.