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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Farewell to a beloved character

I find it sad when a character you invested a lot into gets retired, whether this is because a campaign comes to a close, gets killed permanently or because you reach retirement level, it sucks. This is what happened to me a few Sundays ago. After a lot of adventuring, Naadhira al-Zawree, my oracle of bones and self-proclaimed Prophetess of Rovagug, reached the retirement level.

Naadhira’s abrasive personality really made an impact on many of my fellow players. I like to believe that her unique character inspired others to come up with unique and different characters and personalities. These very unique characters have lifted PFS over its competition and created a play experience that is really unique and fun. Base it on solid adventure, add interesting characters, some internal friction and you have some of the most unique elements of PFS, particularly here in the Rocky Mountains.

Naadhira may come out of retirement every once in a while for a Pathfinder Module or two. I really will miss her. This year I have said goodbye to two characters I player for a long time: Father Werner von Breshlow-Giersbergen and now Naadhira. Soon Katharan will join this group… And then I’ll be left with only my low-levels...

And so goes the cycle of play… Which character will I create next? Difficult question really… I guess I’ll be GMing for a while as I think of another character idea. One can almost say unfortunately, Pathfinder has a LOT of good, fun classes. I have a great idea... I think "Paul Turtle Senior" from "Osirion Country Chariots" who makes custom-made wagons and got screwed by his son... I like that idea...(pron. I-dears)


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