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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

JP vs. Food: Seattle

I don't know if you have ever seen the Travel Channel's Man Vs Food show where the host (Adam Richman) takes on all the weirdest food challenges one can find across the US. Now if you have never seen it, the show has two parts: first Adam goes to local joints and tries out some house specialties.

The last ten minutes is spent watching Adam tries all sort of stunts: Seven pounds burritos, 30+inches pizzas, the world's spiciest wings or a 72-once steak. It hurts watching him. And also makes you hungry.

What does that have to do with gaming you ask?

Rightfully so?

Today, at real work (yes I do something other than rolling dice), I reminded my bosses that I would be away to Seattle for the weekend. Readers know I am heading to PaizoCon for a full weekend of AWESOME! So in the meeting, as I announced where I was heading. To which jokes of "Microsoft Interviews" and similar began to fly.

I dislike making work and job-related jokes (bad experiences... makes me level 2!) so what do I say to a stunned crowd?

I am going to take on the Seattle Man vs. Food challenge!

They believed me! I should've ridden that wave as it seemed more interesting to them than "I'm going to play games all weekend."


JP vs Food would be more interesting... I'm in the wrong business.

Talk to you all after PaizoCon (maybe during, but don't hold your breath).



  1. I have wanted to go to PaizoCon for a while, but Seattle is a long long way from Atlanta. At least I got DragonCon.

  2. You'll get a total post-mortem after the con! I promise.

  3. Have a great time! I wish I was going.