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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Post Free RPG Day thoughts

If you missed it yesterday was Free RPG Day. This is a great idea I have been participating in for the last three or four years. Its a great way for a company to showcase or get their rule set out there. Over the years, I got some products to evaluate I KNOW I would not have purchased. Some I might, but only if I could join a game of it.

So I got there around 11:15 with my McNuggets ready to run and set up a lot of fun.

Gamers' Haven in Colorado Springs ran two tables of "We Be Goblins" (thanks to Todd and Zach for running). I'll be back next year to run more events!

I am also very happy to hear how event have gone over in Denver. Many tables were played, many goblins cackled and sung. Good times.

Now if there is one thing I would like would be to ask companies who offer games to have a PDF on their website with the character sheet. I don't want to destroy my book and I don't want to have to go to Kinko's a get them copied. Paizo did it (good job Paizo!)

Another fun and successful day!



  1. I was @ Total Escape playing Poog the goblin cleric! Much fun and hilarity was had by all. Paizo's mod was a good change of pace.

  2. I played Mogmurch the alchemist at PaizoCon with a table of 3 other VCs (Auke, Eric-B and Ryan) and also had a good time with it! Change of pace indeed!