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Friday, June 17, 2011

JP at PaizoCon: For VC eyes only

Okay, this post contains material that was meant for VC-eyes only. So if you're not a Paizo Employee or a Venture Captain, get out. I could get sued for violating my NDA (or something).


This was not meant for you.

Press backspace, click "back" or go see one of my other websites (click somewhere on the page).


Good. I know you would not read this far if you did not have the clearance. So for those of you who missed the dinner, we talked about a lot of things: how things were in our regions, things we did to generate excitement about Pathfinder Society in particular and Paizo's products in general. A lot of good news from the front.

At the center of all those discussion was a document that made everything come together. This was the brain child of Erik Mona (another great idea Erik!). I took a secret copy with me and am posting it (secretly) so that my fellow VCs might know what we did and why VC dinners are linked to quality material.

Don't hate, this was not meant for *YOUR* eyes!


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