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Friday, June 3, 2011

My Next Goal for PFS in Denver

I want to go on record and officially challenge the entire RMPathfinder community in helping me achieve my not-so-secret goal of becoming the biggest RPG event at Tacticon. No offense intended to the other RPG events, , but I really think that Pathfinder Society is going through massive changes and the changes implemented for year three really will really shake things up. The end of Year Two with the Shadow Lodge has been brewing for over a year and we'll have the finale at Tacticon.

- This means running more tables than we did at Genghis

- This means running more tables than Savage Tacticon

- This means running more tables than LFR

- This means really shining in quality and quantity of events!

I know it was suggested that I run many simultaneous tables by flying real fast around the Earth, I would rather NOT do that. My powers must be used for evil and destruction, not as a gaming opportunity...

Now to reach my goal, I need to call upon you, the Rocky Mountains gaming community. To be able to blow everyone out of the water and put up a show that will top GenghisCon, I will need volunteers and GMs. Already, many of you have contacted me with you offers of assistance. I will definitely take you up on that offer.

So there you have it... My personally state goal for Tacticon.


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