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Thursday, June 16, 2011

JP at PaizoCon: The Flowers

Now that PaizoCon is behind us and we are returning to our normal daily grind, I think it’s time I post a few shout outs.

First the biggest shout I have goes to Hyrum Savage and Mark Moreland. These two guys are really class acts. I cannot send enough flowers their way.

Why you ask?

Let me start by PaizoCon. Throughout the weekend, I was able to sit at a table and wait patiently for my players to show up. And they would show up. Everything I needed was all ready to go. When I had to change mod, I walked to HQ and got my paperwork in a flash. Kudos to you! Thank you for putting on such a great con.

In a less public fashion, these guys have bore the non-stop bombarding of ideas, feedback, disagreement, suggestions, comments, thoughts that this strongly opinionated blogger has constantly been sending to both of these guys. So much so that sometime I was certain they were going to come to Denver and beat me up. But they have responded with kindness and a sympathetic ear. Now that does not mean that all of my suggestions were implemented, but I like to think that all were considered and debated internally. (Even if they were not, it makes me feel important to think so.)

Both these guys really make me proud to go to bat (or go to a beating depending on the news) before my local crowd of Denver PFS players. Thank you guys for the effort, the time and the guidance you are providing to this campaign. It is appreciated at all level of the organization.

That said, I am also writing another email of "ideas for them to ponder.

Next, I want to congratulate the two new five star GMs: Kyle and Jason-R for their accomplishments. I hope that one day I too would be counted among this elite club.

Although I had met a number of my fellow Venture Captains at NeonCon (Mike-A, Eric-B, Robyn-N, etc), there were even MORE VCs at NeonCon (no surprise), but I got to meet Dane from Seattle, Mr Doug "Five-Star" Miles from Detroit, Jason from Missouri, Michael from Tampa, Steve from Texas, and I’m forgetting half of them. Before the con started on Thursday evening, all the VCs got together with Hyrum, Mark, Erik and Jason for a dinner. There we talked about a lot of things, a lot of spoiler-things. Things I will post on this blog later this week. I WILL SECRETLY POST MATERIAL see only at that dinner! Without the express approval of Paizo! Stay tuned! Hehehe Secret info for you all! If you keep it secret, I won’t get in trouble.

So I was really fired up with this meeting. I came out of it with some great ideas. For once marketing people said things that made sense to me. Unlike the sales dept at my real job which simply piles on more and more work, the ideas here would help me advance my not-so-secret agenda here in Denver.

In this final kudos, I want to thank everyone who agreed to let ME buy the LAST of the Qadira shirt. Why? Because Qadira is the source of everything that is good in the world. The rest is just a cheap Taldoran knock off! Btw to those of you who have a Taldor shirt, I congratulate you on your employment at Burger King!

Hurray for me!

Next time: Secrets from the VC dinner OR Hate, hate and more hate!


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