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Monday, June 13, 2011

JP at PaizoCon, Day 2

Friday morning came really early. I mean…


Auke, my roommate had like 12h of jetlag (the Netherlands are quite a ways away) and me, like a dumbass, I went and drank two coffees at the VC dinner.

So we were up WELL before 6 am when the breakfast buffet opened and were in line before the ladies there were ready to have us… We got to talk about "our" players, some of the challenges and goals we have in our regions and generally chatted about this, that and gaming. Mostly gaming. Then we just walked around as registration was being set up. Lucky for us we hung out at what became the front of the line! So we were quickly squared away. HUGE Goody-bag filled with Paizo Goodies. HUZZAH!

I got to play in Ambush in Absalom, the KQ17 Society Quest. Fun times. Simple encounter, nothing fancy, fun table. Looking forward to more of those mini-quests. I have a few ideas I would really like to get to write as a Pathfinder Quest. Now to find time, to formalize the idea and to submit to Mark.

But you are not here to read about things I think would be cool.

You want to know about PaizoCon.

My afternoon was spent running Shades of Ice, Part 1. Fun table, good play level. Very enjoyable.

Then I ran a table for the Grand Melee. I can now admit that I initially had reservations about it. Reservations as certain things did not feel right to me. I got a tad worried, voiced my concerns – when do I keep silent on such things? Really? Have you been reading this blog? OH COURSE I SPOKE OUT!

Those concerns were lifted when I saw the final draft of the event. I need to retrain myself and my old habits. This is Pathfinder. This is Paizo. This is a whole new ballgame. Seriously, I am not used to giving praise but after this weekend.That’s all I have. I try to be critical, but (one of) my Paizo Bosses Mark Moreland… What a class act and top quality individual he is. Like a beaten dog, I have to trust again and this guy goes above and beyond the call of duty to deliver top-quality products.

I’ll leave the big kudos post to later.

The grand melee was a BLAST to run. I got to hurt people, beat them up. They really played well and fought intelligently. So much so, I was unable to kill any of them (though I came real close to many of them). I did not pull any punch any punches (when do I ever???) and they did very well.

Another trip to the bar and a short chat with old friends and new one, including my good friend Doug NeonCon Daulton, Robyn Nixon (LA-VC) and Chris Harris from Phoenix and I was on my way to bed. I was beat.


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