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Thursday, June 23, 2011

JP slings hate across America

Oh…. It’s been a long time coming. But now I have to drop a lot of hate on people. I officially curse the following people with a chicken on their heads. Yes. A chicken! Not a duck or a pigeon. A clucking chicken!

Now for the hate… (which is why you all came here)

First, Louis Porter Jr… since I started talking to him last year, Louis has been a constant figure in my Facebook, Twitter and even everyday life. Heck even my rabidly anti-gamer wife, Julie, knows about him. Why the hate? Well because of him, I have dreams of NeoExodus monsters, I wake up with thoughts of Oh! That would make an awesome NeoExodus monster/NPC/adventure/sourcebook. The fact that my wife makes jokes about it makes me sling hate towards South Florida.

Second, Doug Daulton… if you have ever been anywhere in the gaming sphere you have met or heard about Doug. Doug is the mastermind behind Neoncon and an overall nice guy, except for me. Doug and I have been talking about Akos (which I commented about on this blog a few times) for a few years, and still do on a more irregular basis. I consider him a close friend. BUT THIS TIME HE’S GONE TOO FAR!

Imagine this… a few months ago, I was one of a thousand millions little bloggers without too much impact or reach. Pretty standard stuff. One night as we skyped, he recommended that I begin using Twitter more. "To add visibility", he said. He recommended that I use @JPOnGaming for my tweets. So I followed his advice and joined up not really thinking much would come of it. And now I have many Twitter friends, followees, followers and I have to keep up and post updates to keep everyone up to date. Through that I am now connected with actors, radio hosts, political figures, hockey players, fellow writers, misc gamers, other Venture Captains and a number of people I’ve had the pleasure to meet at various cons. So I’m sending hate to Las Vegas because now I have to make time to read and respond to those. ARGH!

What is @BrentSpiner up to now? What does @LPJDesign want me to write next? What is @DougDaulton recommending I buy next? What is the latest contest @SyFy is running? Will @MCammallery13 find a caddy? Where will @BrentSopel play next year? When will @WilW post pictures of his trip to Germany? So much to follow!


When I started writing this list, I had only a few people I planned to curse. But then I got on to Facebook chat (more hate towards Doug) and began talking to my fellow Venture Captain Russell Akred (from Cincinnati, OH). Although the conversation started out nicely, he began blabbing about the fact that my curses did not scare him. So I immediately moved to my Word document where I was writing this blog post (corrects a lot of my syntax) and added him to my list. For doubting the power of the chicken, you will get the thickest fattest one in the coop! So your neck will have chicken-holding-pains!

Closing this august list, I have to sling hate towards Paizo in Seattle, in particular for my Pathfinder Society bosses, Mark Moreland and Hyrum Savage. This one has been simmering since PaizoCon. In my previous post about the VC dinner (the one *YOU* weren’t supposed to read) and in my JP at PaizoCon series, I posted that they have announced some really super stuff coming down the pipe. Stuff that really made me super excited and increased my interest in the campaign. Then what do they do? They tell me not to talk about it! DAMN YOU NDA!!! And then yesterday, I sent an elaborate post about another wacky idea I had to them. What does Hyrum reply? Well I can’t say (NDA…), but he went on to add to my exciting-stuff-I-have-to-keep-secret!


So the southeast, the southwest, the east-ish, the northwest… Oh yeah! That leaves me with the northeast… There is a group of people who deserve a curse above all else. A group of people - that includes my brother-in-law Daniel – people who have deserted the path of righteousness, good and virtue. I am of course talking about those French Canadians who root for the dark and evil team that is the Boston Bruins and who now rub it in my face that their team won the Stanley Cup. Those guys won the Stanley Cup by going through the Montreal Canadiens (the only team of good, right and virtue in the league). You now get a chicken on your heads just for you!

Aaaaah! That actually felt good... I want to thank me teacher, Mr Palpatine (aka TheEmperor) for teaching me that I should let the hate flow THROUGH me (and onto you). You rock Palpy!

As Louis Porter says... JP... Making friends wherever he goes!


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