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Saturday, July 2, 2022

Cthulhu Modern: Beyond the Door releases on Miskatonic Repository

A few weeks ago on my blog, I posted about a sudden burst of inspiration. That fun moment when you wake up in the morning with an adventure all planned out with some twists and turns to make it into some. The full post is When Inspiration Strikes! from June 4th 2022.

I had the chance of play-testing the adventure already, leading to some tweaks but the core of the idea worked. It ran a little longer than I expected, but that's not a problem. may also be with my slower GMing style when things aren't action-packed.

This joining of the Cthulhu Mythos and the creepy pasta called the Backrooms has fascinated me ever since I happened on that random now-viral YouTube video. This adventure attempts to join the two into something horrific yet coherent.

In all, this adventure will run 4-8hours. But the framework is there to run it multiple times, particularly if the adventure is run in a time constrained way where some of the mini-events can be separated over multiple sessions.

Beyond the Door is currently available on DriveThruRPG through the Miskatonic Repository (Call of Cthulhu's equivalent to the DM's Guild).

As a writer going back to Call Of Cthulhu was an oddly refreshing experience, after years of almost-exclusively D&D. For those who do not know, my first ever writing credit was in a Call of Cthulhu inspiration book called "More Tales of Terror" by Pagan Publishing (full info on

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