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Friday, July 29, 2022

[Meet The Iconics] Akhamet Party #2

Here is a group picture of the group of iconics dubbed "Akhamet 2". This group is making its premiere at Gencon this year... so they will be brand new, right off the presses!

They were created with races and options from the Akhamet Player's Guide with a few extra options from the Campaign Setting books.

They include:
- Ah-Sutebi, the thothru necromancer, a sage
- Amenophanhket, the sphinx warlock, a noble
- Kipunet, the nefru ranger, from a family of merchants
- Numanet the hathorian fighter, a trained soldier
- Teal of Ophara, the living mummy cleric of Horus, a trainer soldier
- Tutmeses, the iaretaru bard, a criminal

Miniatures by Crocodile Games and Reaper (some conversions).

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