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Saturday, July 30, 2022

[Meet The Iconics] Olympia Party #2

Here is a group picture of the group of iconics dubbed "Olympia 2". They first premiered at Gencon 2022, if you played at JP's table. They performed very well, but had a few minor issue (some spells weren't on there). But as a team, they performed so well that they are back.

They were created with races and options from the Olympia Campaign Setting book, however Antigone was made using the princess race from the Princesses book.

They include:
- Antigone, the Sleeping Beauty cleric of Aphrodite, a child of the Nymphs
- Cassander, a human transmuter, a servant from Spartia
- Galatea of Byzantia, a favored of Athena fighter, a warrior-princess
- Melia, the nymph bard, an entertainer
- Parmenios of Tebes, a titanborn ranger, from the sacred band of Tebes
- Solon of Athenion, the son of Hermes rogue, a sailor

Miniatures by Wargames Foundry, FreeBlades (?), Privateer Press, and Crocodile Games.

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