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Sunday, July 24, 2022

[Meet The Iconics] The Princesses

Here is a group picture of the group of iconics dubbed "Princesses". They've been going around playing through a variety of adventures from across the universes. These gals pack a punch, they are not simply fun, joke characters. But they are the real deal, and can take on any adventure sent their way.

They were created with races from the Princesses book.

They include:
- Bianka, the Snow White bard, a noble
- Doncella, the Cinderella fighter, an urchin
- Elzbeth, the Sleeping Beauty sorceress, a folk hero
- Keera, the Ice Princess arcane cleric, a hermit
- Koral, the Little Mermaid rogue, a sailor
- Marguerite, the Belle transmuter, a sage
- Petunia, the Rapunzel barbarian, a soldier

Miniatures from Reaper, Privateer Press, and a Heroclix. Adding the hair to Rapunzel was pretty cool.

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