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Monday, July 4, 2022

Wherein I invoke Calliope for help

You know what is terrible for a writer?

Waking up at 5AM, convinced that your adventure is completely missing its mark. That while fun, it is nothing more than a re-hash of what you wrote previously.

That's when you must confront yourself, give a good analysis of yourself, and find a remedy. Well, here I am, blogging at 5AM staring a another Word document trying to find a plot twist that would ease my mind and allow me to sleep.

There are times when being a writer is great, when inspiration hits and words flow. Reminding me of the Rush song Losing It... I find myself looking at the page with tears of rage.

Okay that's a little extreme.

Not really.

What to do now? How will I get through this? How will the idea that resolves everything come to me? Will a beautiful woman comes to me and whisper the answer? O Calliope, Muse of epic poetry come to me!

So this will not be an easy win. It will take blood, sweat, and tears (of rage) to get this one done. All right, I time to go to go back to writing instead of complaining about it.

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